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Dedicated to advancing strategic regenerative solutions for a more sustainable and equitable world. 

We are fusing technology with sustainability and entrepreneurship with innovation to source, solve, support and scale successful solutions to today’s biggest social and environmental pressures.


Open World Alliance is co-creating with the growing global movement of change-makers who are collectively calling to consciously steward a better future that benefits people and planet.

We are partnering with social innovators, pioneering organisations, creative entrepreneurs, community builders, solutionaries and sustainability specialists worldwide dedicated to accelerating the regenerative movement towards positive planetary transformation.

New levels of radical collaboration is essential. There is strength in numbers and a powerful coherence arising between those working in alignment.

OWA is connecting a wide variety of innovators in strategic partnerships to encourage and facilitate multi-disciplinary communication, unlock new insights, leverage resources and catalyse more effective action to evolve and transform all areas of outdated systems.


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Effective global collaboration requires accurate up-to-date data sourced from comprehensive information sources. OWA is developing and stewarding with partners interoperable intelligent holonic databases of sustainability specialists, tech innovations, projects and resources across multiple fields to facilitate a free-flow exchange of information and expertise. 

These co-creation tools will enable individuals, organisations and networks to share resources, provide more effective collective action and support ecosystem restoration.

The dynamic information highway will be distributed, decentralised and agent-centric, incorporating cutting-edge AI data management solutions to build a neural network of information that functions not just as a global library of information but as a global brain.

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We support a Green Economy that moves beyond outdated extractive and exploitative economic systems to bring about more regenerative and equitable economic practices that better serve society and planet.        


Open World Alliance operations are funded by Higher Status Global through its Phoenix FinTech trading software, a high performing cloud-based automated trading software product, set for release in Q3/4 2021.

This profitable wealth accelerator will generate funding for environmental restoration based on a Circular Economy funding model that distributes funds strategically and transforms financial capital into living capital. It will be made available to aligned allies demonstrating ethical and sustainable business practices to support self-organisation and accelerate regenerative impact.

We are building engaged and synergised grassroots community networks to amplify momentum, collective action and movement building to raise awareness and prioritise social & environmental regeneration on the global agenda.

We will be offering a membership programme in 2021 providing a range of resources, services and financing opportunities.

Membership tier levels will be based on sustainability rating according to the Future-Fit Business Benchmark. Benefits and advantages increase with each tier, positively incentivizing members to advance their journey towards greater sustainability.

We believe in socially responsible investing in businesses, projects and initiatives that positively benefit society and environment to amplify benefits and maximise regenerative impact.


A significant proportion of revenue generated by Phoenix FinTech will be strategically directed towards initiatives supporting community regeneration, technology innovation and ecosystem restoration.

OWA will be investing in aligned organisations to give them the financial firepower they need to move quickly to bring projects to life.