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A significant proportion of revenue generated by Phoenix FinTech will be directed towards initiatives providing food, land, water, energy, shelter, community regeneration and ecosystem restoration, through our nonprofit sister organisation, the Higher Status Foundation.

We are collaborating with experienced specialists in the regenerative field aiding us with the vetting, monitoring, evaluation and research required to target support most effectively to maximise regenerative impact. These include members of Regenerosity, the Blueprint Alliance, Lush Spring Prize, the Buckminster Fuller Institute, Re-Alliance and more.

Through our partners we have access to a portfolio of over 1000 quality-vetted projects, such as reforestation, permaculture and waterway conservation initiatives. These have been fully assessed to deliver cascading cycles of benefits, have gone through due diligence and are ready for immediate funding to catalyse regeneration.

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Applications for project funding will open in 2023

Blue Ventures Mangrove.jpeg

Project: Blue Ventures

Location: Mozambique, Madagascar

Looking for: £10,000

Plan: Revive coastal and sea bed marine life and biodiversity through mangrove restoration.


Project: Yice Uganda

Location: Uganda, Africa

Looking for: £10,000

Plan: Permaculture design training and support network for regenerative farmers.


Project: Climate Foundation

Location: Philippines

Looking for: £10,000

Plan: Marine Permaculture research and projects to increase marine biodiversity, store carbon.

2 INSO Oaxaca.jpg

Project: INSO

Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

Looking for: £10,000

Plan: Protect and restore waterways, reforesting, training farmers in water literacy and permaculture.

2 Ecosystem Restoration.jpg

Project: Ecosystem Restoration Camps

Location: International

Looking for: £14,000

Plan: Regenerate degraded and desertified lands through agroforestry and permaculture.


Project: Tarun Bharat Sangh

Location: Rajasthan, India

Looking for: £10,000

Plan: Restore dried-up rivers and waterways, rainwater harvesting and
waterway conservation education.


Project: Biodiversity Alliance

Location: Latin America

Looking for: £8,000

Plan: Elevate regenerative farming methods, seed sovereignty, peasant farmers’ rights, education and training.

2 KTK Nepal copy.jpg

Project: KTK Belt

Location: Nepal

Looking for: £8,000

Plan: Permaculture design training and vertical forest replanting.

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Blue Ventures

Mangrove  Restoration

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Yice Uganda

Regenerative Farming

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Climate Foundation

Marine Permaculture

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KTK Belt

Vertical Reforestation

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Biodiversity Alliance

Biodiverse Farming

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Agro Ecology

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Tarun Bharat Sangh

Waterway Conservation

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