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We are passionate about building
an organization unlike any other.

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Mark oversees the full spectrum of OWA activity with a holistic integrative approach, from founding its vision, designing blueprints, project managing initiatives, raising funding and ensuring effective delivery of objectives to realize OWA's strategic direction.

He excels at designing business architecture, envisioning and scaling long-term strategies, solving complex logistics, building high-performing teams and leveraging successful solutions.

As CEO of Higher Status Global, he's instrumental in co-developing  Phoenix Fintech and cryptocurrency trading software systems and in driving company transformation and digitalisation. A seasoned entrepreneur for 25 years and professional trader, Mark has previously established a number of successful and diverse businesses. 

He's a super connector, integrator and community catalyst with an ability to think outside the box, hold an expansive vision and has a passion for driving transformation with unwavering determination.

When not problem-solving logistics, Mark enjoys a life aquatic, exploring subterranean caves, coral reefs and underwater lifeforms as a qualified cave diver and divemaster.

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A small core team carries out day-to-day operations and production activities to execute and deliver OWA’s long-term objectives.

Yasmin works across OWA's Operations, Communications and Design deparments, orchestrating day-to-day operations, playing a pivotal role in the execution of project plans and ensuring alignment between functions. She also guides communications, company branding and creative direction of OWA's impactful documents and materials.

She excels in cross-lateral thinking and streamlining operational efficiency to develop an environment of high performance and productivity across both OWA and Higher Status Global, as a creative producer committed to delivering with excellence and attention to detail.

Bringing 30+ years’ transdisciplinary experience across finance, charitable, academic research, health, events and creative industries, she’s held various roles at leading London institutions, co-authored peer-reviewed publications in clinical psychology and is an award-nominated event producer.

A keen gardener and nurturer of both projects and plant life, she’s passionate about permaculture, philosophy, yoga, chi kung and ever-expanding education and explorations.

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yasmin chadury
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Giulia is instrumental in OWA's Technical and Operations departments, building internal infrastructure, developing the data architecture and contributing her expertise in organizational development.

She's a business development specialist with extensive experience in data analysis, database design, software development, change management, team coaching, mediation and management consultancy.

An early adopter of tech, she enjoys establishing growth processes within a scientific academic framework, cross-pollinating this with coherent collaboration within community.


Anke is OWA's Sustainability Development Facilitator, developing our sustainability assessment materials and processes to onboard OWA member organisations and clients ahead.

She's a trainer, educator and consultant in sustainable development, which she understands as a personal and global journey towards an integration of positive impact in the social, ecological and economic dimensions. She brings experience in language learning and teaching, banking, East Asian culture, entrepreneurship and the Common Good Balance Sheet.

She enjoys guiding people on their journey through active engagement and identifying the potential in each person to be part of the global transformation, with a commitment to continued learning and special interest in technology and psychology.

Knowing the importance of balance in life, she enjoys outdoor activities, near sea and mountain and introspective routines such as yoga and qigong. 

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Josh is instrumental in connecting OWA and Higher Status Global to

their trading partners and overseeing the compliance of structure and trade execution for both fiat and crypto systems, such as KYC/AML

policy and fund risk rules, as our FInancial Operations Executive in

OWA's Legal department.

He's a highly experienced Trading Consultant and Blockchain Advisor, having spent over 20 years trading derivatives in London and set up a regulated crypto fund, providing documentation for regulators and fund strategy. He has a background working with token launches, developing and testing algorithmic trading strategies and working with high-net wealth, family offices and institutional clients, as well as designing a trading training program, coaching and motivating candidates from deprived backgrounds with a 100% graduate success rate.

Being self employed for his whole career in a zero sum game has meant Josh always had to motivate, re-educate and analyse performance. Working closely with performance coaches and psychologists throughout his career has allowed him to understand and manage himself and always take responsibility for his own decisions.


Seth is working on OWA's Regenerative Search Engine project in all areas Data Management and Data Governance related.


He's a Senior Data Architect, Data Manager and Governor who has designed and built data systems from conception, modeling, ETL, implementation and data quality, through to dimensional model reporting and analytics. He's created and implemented Data Governance programs for strategic and tactical success, supported by metadata management, multi-layered data security models and role-based access control systems.

It's been a long journey from his collaboration with Buckminster Fuller back in the early 1980s to now joining the team at Open World Alliance tying together his experiences, knowledge and passions to realize his dream of making the Earth a beautiful place to live for all.

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Discover the World

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DATA ArchitectURE & AI

Nurul is working on OWA's Regenerative Search Engine project as a Senior Data Architect and Machine Learning specialist.

He's a highly hands-on Identity and Access Management (IAM) Architect and Software Engineering Manager, with expertise in defining strategy, executing large multi-year programs aligned to business outcomes, managing global teams and leading projects from the front. His primary industry experience includes working in Financial Services and Healthcare Insurance.


Matt creates and executes OWA’s impactful graphic design content for our internal and external communication materials, alongside Mark and Yasmin in our Design department.

With over 26 years working on a vast array of creative projects he brings a formidable arsenal of design skills and tools across all medias to OWA. He’s worked for AV organisations, PR & advertising agencies, production companies, event organisers and some of the largest multinational, blue chip companies in the media, finance, IT & communications, retail, transport and charitable sectors.

His interests include tending to his extensive indoor garden of tropical and carnivorous plants, and plant-based foods utilizing hydroponic systems. Immersing himself in nature outdoors is also a massive part of what makes him happy and a constant reminder of what life is truly about.

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Jacquie takes care of all of OWA's financial reconciliations, payment processing and other bookkeeping requirements, in our Economies department.

She brings 30 years of independent book-keeping experience, managing a large portfolio of client accounts focusing on businesses specializing in sustainability and natural living.


She's earned a positive reputation over the years, helping to make a difference through her thorough, reliable and consistent work and in these current times is very motivated to contribute to and see the positive changes a project like OWA is bringing to the world..

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OWA is supported by a growing collective of associates

and collaborators, bringing a holistic overview

to planetary transformation solutions.

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Ruth works closely with OWA on the Regenerative Search Engine project as a specialist advisor on regenerative impact and environmental project strategies. 

Her main interest is in building and energizing networks to create a transitory bridge between industrial growth and a new culture that can sustain complex life on the planet.

She favours living-systems based social and ecological technologies, from Permaculture to Sociocracy and has a passion for creating win-win-win connections that develop the self, build community and are in service to planetary regeneration.



As an Alliance, OWA aims to facilitate, connect, catalyse and inspire the emergence of many co-creative partnerships between allies operating through a principle of alignment and driven by a shared vision of a regenerative future.

We're actively building a membership program to onboard allies and empower free-flow exchange of information and resources across a distributed, decentralised community of multiple autonomous individuals, organisations and networks worldwide to maximize regenerative impact. These currently include:


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