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We are passionate about building
an organization unlike any other.

A small team at the heart of OWA operations works alongside a growing international network of aligned allies, partners and advisors driven by a shared vision of a regenerative future.


OWA is not a centralised, umbrella organisation but a distributed, decentralised alliance of multiple autonomous individuals, organisations and networks worldwide. We operate as a catalyst supporting and facilitating the emergence of many co-creative partnerships operating through a principle of alignment.


We collaborate and co-create dynamically with a diverse range of specialists bringing a holistic overview to developing solutions towards a pioneering new paradigm of planetary heath transformation.

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yasmin chadury
Operations dynamo

Mark oversees the full spectrum of OWA activity with a holistic integrative approach from designing blueprints and project managing initiatives to guiding long-term strategic direction, as well as ensuring effective and timely delivery of OWA's goals in its day-to-day operations.

He excels at designing business architecture, envisioning and scaling long-term strategies, solving complex logistics, building high-performing teams and leveraging successful solutions.

As CEO of Higher Status Global, he is instrumental in co-developing the Phoenix Fintech trading software system, driving company transformation and digitalisation to SaaS.

A seasoned entrepreneur for 25 years, he’s previously managed several diverse businesses, was a successful professional trader and taught his proprietary financial trading methods to hundreds of students internationally. 


He's a Super Connector, Master Integrator and Community Catalyst with an ability to think outside the box, hold an expansive space with vision and a passion for driving transformation with unwavering determination.

When not problem-solving logistics, Mark enjoys a life aquatic, exploring subterranean caves, coral reefs and underwater lifeforms as a qualified cave diver and Divemaster.

Yasmin is responsible for orchestrating day-to-day OWA operations, plays a pivotal role in the strategic execution of project plans, and helps ensure alignment between functions. She also guides OWA communications, company branding and coherence and produces our creative impactful documents and materials.

She excels in cross-lateral thinking, streamlining operational efficiciency, creative direction and developing an environment of high performance and proactivity.

Yasmin has cultivated a multidisciplinary background with 30+ years’ diverse experience across finance, events, charitable, academic research, health and creative industries. She’s held various roles at leading London institutions, co-authored peer-reviewed publications in clinical psychology, and is an experienced community organizer and award-nominated event producer.

She’s a Human Behaviour Specialist, Creative Producer and Action Catalyser committed to delivering the details with excellence.

A keen gardener and nurturer of both projects and plant life, she’s passionate about permaculture, philosophy, yoga, chi kung and ever-expanding education and explorations.

Transdisciplinary Solutions Engineer

Kishan works as a Transdisciplinary Solutions Engineer finding and delivering solutions across multiple OWA areas.


A natural autodidact, polymorphist and Futurist, he excels in interpersonal management, personal development and ethics analysis.

He brings to OWA a background of:

- 15+ years management, consultancy and logistics experience over multiple sectors;
- 13 years R&D in systemic change;
- 5 years in design and concept work of holonic mapping systems and information analysis;
- and 25+ years working with over 300  organisations, projects and businesses;

- as well as skills in event production and DJing.


He has a love for travelling, music, creating sensory spaces, matters of conscious exploration, philosophical debate, growing food and plants and global cuisine.

 Integrated Systems Developer

Josh is partnered with OWA in the development of co-creation systems and new resource based economic models.

Josh is a System Entrepreneur and Whole Socio-Economic Systems Designer. 

He brings strong expertise in areas including: business development, project financing, new systems building, visionary leadership, team building, sustainable relationships and agreement field creation.

Founder of Green Earth Vision he is experienced in designing cities, villages, eco communities and currencies and is also involved in a number of innovative projects including the Coravida retreat centre in Costa Rica, Project Synergy platform and Tribematch.

Josh enjoys working on the frontline of creating new society and future realities to help transition into the New Earth Paradigm.

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Oliver Devillard
Meta-Systems Integration Architect
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Bret A. Warshawsky
Resonance Netweaver

Andrea co-creates in synergistic collaboration with OWA using her skills at integrating multiple disciplines to design and deliver whole-system solutions.

She is a natural Synthesizer and Systems Thinker and specializes in large-scale organisational platforms for multi-stakeholder networks and co-creative ecosystems.

She is also co-founder of Symphonics and the Together Life System.

A former innovator of digital collaboration systems in the tourism sector, she spent the last 8 years in communities across the world prototyping organisational models for global scale co-operation promoting coherence, wellness and planetary regeneration and has previous experience in economic development, technology, business and marketing.

Andrea is passionate about well-being and raising awareness on the relationship between human consciousness and current systemic issues. 

Personal interests include: dream analysis, Traditional Chinese Medicine, qi gong, walking, music and travel.

Ruth works closely with OWA on the Regenerative Database project and is a specialist advisor on all regenerative matters. 

Her interest is in building and energizing networks to create a transitory bridge between industrial growth and a new culture that can sustain complex life on the planet.

She has more than 10 years experience working in environmental project management and development in the business sector, 20 years in education and experience in collaborative governance and collaborative methodologies.


Currently Ruth weaves this experience into developing giving and regenerative impact strategies at Lush Cosmetics, while catalyzing partnerships and widening the impact of Lush’s pioneering initiatives.

Her passion is in creating win-win-win connections that develop the self, build community and are in service to planetary regeneration and dreams of the day our systems designed by human nature are closer to those evolved in the wild.

Oliver is an integral part of the technology team and meta-systems development across OWA.

Specializing at the intersection of technology and consciousness, he is a meta-systems architect in service to creating a society of integrity in which all life lives in a healthy and thriving harmony. His education and life experience have brought him to a depth of understanding in psychology, social change, and science of self-realization, including consciousness measurements, belief mapping, relational dynamics, and more.


Oliver has known he is an inventor and change architect since single digit age, and in recent years  has undertaken various entrepreneurial projects in the areas of sustainable clothing, event organizing and software. These have led to multiple public speaking engagements, including guest lecturing a university class and giving a keynote at an international conference, by the age of 21.


He is currently the Vision Steward at Project Helix, a co-creative societal transition blueprint with a strategy that leverages incentives to reorient human energy (money, attention, creation) into the building of an evolved and regenerative system and society.

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Spiritual PhilanthropY

Dylan is a humanitarian futurist who is supporting OWA as a spiritual philanthropy catalyst.

He holds a vision where all emerging technologies can synthesize and self-organize into a coordinated confluence of humanitarian post-scarcity infrastructure to protect Earth’s life systems.

He is Founder and Managing Trustee of The Dawn Confederation, a philanthropic-technological supranational alliance of humanitarian organizations, assisting with the near-term emergence of a planetary type 1 civilization on the Kardashev scale, supporting, investing and co-designing a Unified Earth Operating System Technosphere.

He facilitates humanitarian project ecosystems, funding deployment and coordination with a major focus in seeding a global network of Ark circular university eco-cities and tech parks for disruptive innovations.

Specialties include: Nations growth hacker,  disruptive high-tech, bio-tech, bio-defense, clean-tech, water-tech and fin-tech /Blockchain solutions. Also working closely with sovereign nations, technological alliances, humanitarian think-tanks, merchant banks, free-economic zones around high-finance, AI and philanthropy.

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creative integrator

Alex contributes creative support, social media, web design and alternate perspectives to OWA.

Multi-skilled in various creative & logistical roles, bridging communication between departments and sectors for effective and impactful co-creation.


Alex has a 10+ years background in filmmaking and advertising as a freelance Assistant Director and short format Producer, as well as a Writer/Director through her production company, CANDO. She worked as an on-set Sustainability Steward with advertising agencies, such as RSA, Smuggler and Adam&Eve. Previously, she travelled the Bahamas for years as an event photographer for Carnival Cruise Lines.

Her long-lived and ongoing spiritual and scientific studies involve Quantum Morphogenetic Physics, Keylontic Science, psychology, NLP coaching, Vipassana meditation, and Base-12 plasma practices.


Lua provides support as an organisational systems designer.

Resilient and natural at adapting to changing conditions, Lua has a multi-disciplinary academic and professional background. She holds a degree in Japanese Studies, Asian Studies (philosophy and culture), an MBA from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and is currently a Cognitive Science student at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.


Lua is an agile systems thinker and weaver of people and stories bringing together different ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds and experiences. Lua’s professional experiences range from start-up development, health & fitness, foreign languages education, marketing and communications, project management, strategy consulting, healing & wellness.


In her free time Lua enjoys spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga, spending time hiking, communing with, preserving and restoring nature, creating art, planting seeds in gardens, hearts, and minds, discovering new cultures, traveling and dancing to the rhythms of life.

Bret has an advisory role as a node of collective intelligence, introducing connections from his trust network and bringing expertise in topics including: self organization, new economics, technologies, activism, self governance and conscious evolution.

He's a Resonance Netweaver and Concept Architect. and has spent the past 10 years deeply immersed in embodied research, design and development of disruptive stories, new realities, and spirit-motivated social architectures and socio-technologies. 


His life’s work missions includes helping to spark a rebirth and renaissance for philanthropy, leading to a new paradigm for how we produce and share products, goods and services and catalyzing systemic mental health reformation.

He was a co-founding steward of the S7 Foundation (creators of ´Noomap´), core contributor to the
Together Life System and new coherence based organization Symphonics with wife Andrea and currently leads Togetherland's Social Impact Entertainment project.

Bret likes exploring new words, memes and realities, through different characters - cryptopoet, visionary troubadour, guerilla ontologist, transmedium architect and co-createur - to invite others into an emerging story of co-creation.

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Josh Pasmore
Brian Weinberg
Business Activist

Brian is a Social Entrepreneur who advises OWA in areas of regenerative system hacking and alternative funding solutions.

He is co-founder of the Regen Institute and partner at Heartland P5 Holdings in Kansas City, MO.

He has a 10+ yrs history working in philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and impact investing and experience including: COO of NEXUS, senior strategy operations and investment consultant for a number of multi-million dollar management companies and NGOs. 

For the last 5 years he has deep dived into all things regeneration (economics, agriculture, culture, finance, human development) and collaborated with many of the well-known leaders and organizations in the regenerative movement.

Brian is interested in sustainability issues, economic modeling, income equality, eradicating global poverty, wealth stewardship and is something of a philanthropic technologist and hustler in residence!


Open World Alliance is honoured to be collaborating and co-creating with a global network

of allies, experts and advisors drawn from across the regenerative, tech, business and finance worlds in our collective effort towards achieving shared objectives, including members from: