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Nutritious food, clean water, affordable housing and access to energy are no longer a scarcity or luxury but a basic human right of natural wealth available to all.

The catalogue of global challenges is long, complex and multidimensional. No uniform solution can be applied. Multiple coordinated and coherent strategies are required.

Inefficient action, inadequate targets and greenwashed good intentions fall short of the mark. Open World Alliance connects allies in alignment, each dedicated to solving individual parts of the puzzle in their areas of expertise.

Through strategic collaboration between partners we can address issues holistically from multiple perspectives to achieve maximum radical transformation on a global scale.

OWA is committed to regenerative principles and practices. Regenerative development evolves beyond sustainability, it seeks to reverse environmental degradation.


Inspired by the self-organizing capacities of natural ecological systems, this approach respects the interconnections between living systems and works in partnership with nature rather than against it. 

All elements of a system are integrated in a closed loop of cascades, cycles and cross-sector collaboration so that as little value is lost as possible and maximum value is renewed.


This design is based on holistic whole-systems thinking and holds significant promise to forge resilient economies, support ecological balance and mitigate climate change.



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