Open World Alliance is an international network of global citizens, changemakers, innovators, futurists and sustainability specialists dedicated to advancing global regenerative solutions.

We welcome membership to both individuals and organisations and offer a range of resources, services and financing opportunities to encourage members’ progression towards greater sustainability.

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OWA has 4 membership tiers, each with increasing benefits and advantages. Members are incentivized to progress their journey towards true sustainability and rewarded as they enjoy benefits that increase in value as they move up the tiers. OWA offers a pro-active funding model to help guide meaningful change in the right direction.

Basic membership is free by signing up to OWA. Further tiered levels are based on measures of positive impact based on the Future-Fit Business Benchmark sustainability rating. This framework examines companies’ social and environmental impact based on leading science, business and academic research. It measures areas such as carbon emissions, sustainable supply chains, fair wages and other quantifiable criteria.

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Explore your environmental impact using the Future Fit Benchmark.

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Members who wish to invest will benefit from Phoenix FinTech’s regenerative funding model, as part of Higher Status Global’s larger investment portfolio. Profits will be apportioned to both investors and also channelled into supporting regenerative projects.


Increasing returns of 30%, 50% or 70% of profits generated from member’s investment will be based on membership tier level, according to their Future-Fit Benchmark rating.


OWA will transform financial capital into living capital though providing grants from 2021 to regenerative projects and initiatives that positively benefit society and environment.

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Live and online talks, workshops, summits, webinars and courses


Live and online event listings, festivals, hackathons, artwork and entertainment


Phoenix FinTech trading software available for investment and grant funding 


Database to source specialist expertise, intelligence and innovation

Forum for online networking and collaboration

Opportunities to mentor and visit eco-projects through our partners