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Open World Alliance is a young, non-profit, start-up community organisation of diverse volunteers working for positive social and environmental change.

After a year of groundwork, our small core team would love some assistance and we’re now looking to develop our infrastructure, step up our operation, expand our offering and take this mission to a new scale for long-term sustainability.

We’re excited to grow our team and are inviting new volunteers with the right skills and alignment with whom we can develop professionally and personally together. 


Are you motivated by the desire to help build a more sustainable planet and would you like to be a part of our team?

We have a remote-friendly culture with a global team currently located across Ibiza, London, Dubai and Bali amongst other corners of the world and are looking for the following roles listed below. 

If after reading the descriptions, you resonate with our culture and believe you have a contribution to enhance OWA, please send us your application and we will add you to our community talent pool.

looking for
  • Self-managed individuals who are highly motivated, can work well unsupervised, meet commitments and get things done.

  • Self-coherent individuals who understand that regenerative cultures thrive through the balance of being and doing and can function through emergence and self-organisation, as well as structure and collective interest.

  • Team-players who are adaptable and can work comfortably with remote cross-functional teams.

  • Reliable commitment to a regular number of hours per week. Minimum: 8 hrs. 

  • Minimum commitment of 6-months, with a compatibility review after 3 months.

  • Capable skills, significant experience (minimum 3-5+yrs) and relevant track record to bring to their role.

  • English-speaking.

  • A continuous learning mindset and “can do” attitude as we’re continually working on complex, fast-moving projects with new challenges.

  • Conscious, alternative thinking, a strong passion for social innovation and next-generation solutions and a commitment to helping OWA grow as an organisation.

can OFFEr
  • Compensation Prospects - These are unpaid volunteer opportunities. All OWA team members are working as volunteers on a pro bono basis. Once we’ve secured our anticipated funding we intend to develop funding pools. A recruitment process will remunerate appointed candidates who demonstrate capable proficiency in their roles. 

  • Flexible Work Hours - We organise and communicate digitally so positions are not location specific. You can work full-time, part-time or flexible hours depending upon your timetable although we do expect reliable commitment and attendance at scheduled meetings.

  • Professionalism - We’re a fluid, fast-moving, startup environment at present but you’ll be working alongside a capable team who work hard, strive for excellence and mean business! Great work experience and potential career progression opportunities ahead.

  • Supportive Environment - We offer a supportive environment that is open minded to new ideas, concepts, contributions and the alchemy of co-creation.

  • Innovation - OWA is expanding across boundaries. You’ll find yourself in a dynamic environment that keeps looking ahead with continuous learning opportunities to evolve your role and make a real difference.


The list below is our ideal dream team list of roles and skills that we could do with right now. Please click on role for more details.

Even if you think you don't tick all the boxes below, we'd still love to hear from you. We know that everyone has different strengths and abilities and we’re looking for someone excited to join the team who’s reliable, aligned with our purpose and committed to planetary service than a need to fit a standard mold. 

If our project resonates and you feel you have other relevant skills you’d like to share with OWA, please feel free to get in touch and we will consider your contribution and add your details to our talent pool for the future in case we have an opening. Thank you for your interest in OWA.

Please include in your application:

  • Send your CV, resume or equivalent to info@openworldalliance.org with the header 'Application'

  • Add a Cover Letter and/or max. 5-minute Video/Audio File, explaining why you’d like to work with us and what you can bring to the team.

  • Include any samples of your work/projects/portfolio relevant to the role.


To devise, deliver and support our environment and sustainability strategy and membership
assessment framework

To develop and manage communication strategies, social media presence, communicate OWA’s work
and brand and build our growing community

To develop, support and maintain engaging social media presence through video content and online webinars to communicate OWA’s work and build our growing community.

To create digital written content to communicate OWA’s work, maintain engaging social media presence and assist with producing internal documents and materials.

To support and maintain engaging social media presence to communicate OWA’s work, keep our supporters informed and build our growing community

To create engaging and on-brand creative visual content that communicates OWA’s work.

To help develop key organisational partnerships to support and advance OWA’s strategic objectives and catalyze organizational impact.

To co-ordinate the administration of volunteer and team recruitment and management.

To contribute administrative support to facilitate the smooth running of a small fast-growing startup organisation

To assist with OWA’s fundraising programme and mission of funding high-impact environmental, regenerative and innovative initiatives

To support technical solutions to help improve organisation, communication and technology systems to operate with maximum efficiency.

Future Opportunities

In the mid to long term ahead, we plan to look for assistance with the following roles. Feel free to get in touch if this sounds like you...

  • Education and Programmes Developer 

  • Advocacy & Policy Co-ordinator

  • Community Facilitators


PLEASE NOTE: As we are a small team at present we will only be able to contact those that we’d like to meet for interviews at this stage. All applications will be stored securely in our talent pool for future openings.

OWA is an equal opportunity organisation. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all team members.